Simple Flat Screen TV Frame

This simplistic TV Frame design is perfect for enhancing your media environment. We have a vast selection of elegant design solutions, from mirror concealment systems for living room, bed, and bath, to designer television frames. There is no need to settle for a boring TV mounted to your wall - you can cover up those unsightly visible brackets with high style and design. This TV frame model is Larson Juhl: 755155. Like our Facebook page to see every new install on the same day.

TV Frame with 2-way Mirror

This was Before the frame was put on the TV

TV Frame with 2-way Mirror

This was After the frame was put around the TV

TV Frame with 2-way Mirror

When TV is on light goes right through the mirror

TV Frame with 2-way Mirror

TV is off - glass looks like a mirror

Beautiful Flat Screen TV Frames

Shopping for this perfect 76" cabinet turned out to be a pretty time consuming ordeal and when homeowner Shannon brought it home and put in under her new TV, she was a little disappointed - something was still missing. She called Smart Touch Design and in the comfort of her own living room searched through over 100 different frame samples and chose the perfect frame to give her home decor the final touch she was looking for.

Custom colors - TV Frame

This customer wanted the inside edge of this frame to match the colors in her bedding. The outside is a brownish silver and the inside edge is an aged copper.

Flat screen TV frame

Pottery Barn Look-a-like TV frame - Chocolate or Black

Flat screen TV frame for basement bar & game room

Pottery Barn Look-a-like TV frame - Black or Chocolate

Before and After Pics

This 60" TV needed some help. Tom and his Designer Heidi called Smart Touch Design to finish off his flat screen. Price was $445